The Good Nite Show with Little Diesel

June 18th, 2022 - A Return to Radio & the Ballad of X and Hogg

June 29, 2022

“Wearing a mask is selfish, because we want to see your smile!” - Landon Lammagin


They’re back on radio for the first time in two years, and they’ve got a thing or two to say. That’s right, the proud, chest-puffing Little Diesel and his companion, the loose-tongued Landon Lammagin, rip into the Parkland kids (again?), chit chat about some vague political controversy in Iraq, analyze Jill Biden’s sick mind, argue over the war in Ukraine, and, of course, discuss monkeypox. They are joined this week by news-hound newcomer Danny Dragonfly, and he’s quite a breath of fresh air, don’t you think? Hm? Don’t you? Are you listening to me?


The Good Nite Show w/ Little Diesel is recorded live on the radio every Wednesday night from 11PM - 12AM on WRUW, 91.1FM in Cleveland. Stream it live on the radio or at, or wait til the next day for the full recorded episode. You can also subscribe for a crisp mastered version of the episode by searching & subscribing to "The Good Nite Show" on Spotify, iTunes, or any other podcatcher app.


Lammagin and Little Diesel also star in their very own video series, Little Lions' Den, streaming free on Means.TV. Season 2 coming summer/fall 2022. You can follow them on Instagram (@littlelionsdentv) for updates. 

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