The Good Nite Show with Little Triv

February 27th, 2019 - Fat Birds and Fatbergs

March 9, 2019

Will this episode be worth the wait? I don't know. The show is disrupted immediately by snooty social worker Brian French, who unleashes a flurry of accusations against Diesel and Seph about the way they treat one Landon Lammigan. Denouncing Mr. French with proclamations of Low T, it's all revealed to be one of Lammigan's tricks, albeit a bit more mystical in nature than usual. Turns out, Lammigan can siphon his life force into a dual entity! What does that mean, exactly? A whole lot of nuthin. Later, the boys field calls from a Lammigan wannabe who claims to know Guantanamo torture strategies, then they argue about how they'd make penguins fly. It's a good one, folks, finally. Folks! Folks... folks.... FOLKS! folks...

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