The Good Nite Show with Little Triv

February 20th, 2019 - Being Tampered With

February 26, 2019

Is it true? Is the FCC on to us? In this episode, some of the most splendid moments were mysteriously eliminated, and now you'll never hear about Lammigan's temp job where he ate soup and slept in a bunk bed, and you'll never know about Diesel's anti-racist views. It's probably your fault, listener. You ratted us out, didn't you? Maybe we are targeted individuals after all... Sorry to hear that. Anyhow, Lammigan's dear, quiet friend Lee, a shapeshifter, stopped by to tease the boys with his strange body. Our decrepit disc jockeys also receive several callers, including the murderous Officer Monday from the Lakewood Police Department, the gagging fanboy known only as Ballbag, and a John Doe who didn't have a whole lot to say! At the end of the show, Lee discovers that shapeshifting into a 600-lb body actually hurts, and the legendary Cyber Terrorist transforms Diesel into a muppet. What a twist... Thanks for listening.

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