November 30th, 2016

December 3, 2016

November 20th, 2016 - 32nd Episode


Well, this was supposed to be the election special but it appears that the boys just might have reached their Trump-gushing capacity. Friend of the show, Aage Nost, comes back to the show for a short interview explaining everything you need to know about Angels-- and everything you THOUGHT you didn't need to know but you now know that you always needed to know. Did somebody say "Tall Whites"? Anyways, you'll have to listen to understand. Seph yawns into the mic and somehow gets away with it. Little Triv rambles about his mystical dreams centering around Steven Bannon, Trump's new Chief Strategist, and the boys have a soul-searching discussion on the normalization of co-host Landon Lammagin, a vile human being with a torture obsession among many other things. You don't want to miss this episode... because it's pure nourishment! Only meant to pleasure and to nourish.


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