May 17th, 2017

May 25, 2017

May 17th, 2017 - 47th Episode


Sometimes, the guys just have a lot of bullcrap they wanna spew, even if there isn't room for the other fellas to get two words in. And, boy, was this week full of bullcrap! On this episode, Lammigan discovers his place in the "Resistance", and he's got the hat to prove it! Then, Seph brings the mood down when he, a father of two daughters, describes watching an R-rated movie with his children about a man who kills his children. After a show-stopping "Glee" interlude, Little Triv forces a quick chat about his favorite topic, Vietnam, much to Seph and Lammigan's disapproval. The boys jockey back and forth over what to talk about next, but Lammigan ultimately prevails as they compare their meager salaries, and Lammigan explains how he lives large below the poverty line. Finally, Seph closes the show with a prayer from Little Triv, spoken softly over a loud hymn.


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