March 1st, 2017

March 7, 2017

March 1st, 2017 - 38th Episode


The one true son of the voice of Cleveland, Little Triv, and his good radio buddies Seph and Lammagin, deal true fans another dynamite chunk of talk. First they get back to basics by reading fan mail via the newly repaired fax machine, and it turns out that listeners are livid with the boys for their irregular show schedule. The boys have been dealing with a lot of Secret Service and a lot of beautiful women and haven't exactly been "punctual" when it comes to doing the live show lately. Then, a boringly unfunny caller tries to ruin the show but can't quite succeed this time-- for it turns out that a video of Seph yelling at his daughter has gone VIRAL on the internet! The boys breakdown the video piece by piece-- there is a LOT to unpack. Then the stinkmen trudge through some light politics, an unfinished LT tale of salt water taffy, and a demoralizing ending that will leave you all to wonder what will happen next.


The Good Nite Show w/ Little Triv is recorded live on the radio every Wednesday night from 12-1AM on WRUW, 91.1FM in Cleveland. Stream it live and call in, or wait til the next day for the full recorded episode.



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