July 12th, 2017

July 14, 2017

July 12h, 2017 - 49th Episode


Where have we been? Well it's Summer and there's been a lot of poker, and a lot of women. So we've been playing reruns... you really should see these women! We don't like to do the reruns but you should see these women. We are also privately preparing for our first live onstage show, which will be a disaster! Anyways, Lammagin and Seph were allegedly kidnapped by The Goo and taken to the Grand Canyon. The Goo calls in and blows his cover. Little Triv alone in the studio? Yup, it stinks. Later in the episode, an old friend calls into the show and dominates the conversation. It's Aage Nost, folks, and he's our Norweigan genius friend. Little Triv and Aage light off on topics such as John F. Kennedy's deserved assassination, Aage's wild visions of the future (robots, flying cars), the 4th of July and how the American Revolution was a waste, and reverse aging. It's a sprawling and nauseating episode, and boy Little Triv can't wait for his cohosts to get their warm asses back in those seats. 

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