January 1, 2017

December 28th, 2016 - 33rd Episode -NEW YEAR'S ASSUMPTION SPECIAL!!!


Well, the first year of The Good Nite Show w/ Little Triv is finally over. A whole year! Weeks were skipped, listeners were dwindled, co-hosts were murdered, but the knuckledragging spirit of these meat and potatoes radio rockstars never died, now, did it? So with that in mind, we bring you the very first Good Nite Show "New Year's Assumptions" episode! The boys rip through highlights and lowlights of the 2,016th year of mankind, and then make their assumptions for the New Year of 2017! This episode includes an admission of dark crimes by Lammagin and a very VERY disgusting but special caller that listeners of the show will be begging to hear for years to come. The showdown you've been waiting for is finally here!


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